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Our Designers

Mayuri Chamaria


Miraki is a high-end fashion footwear brand known for its distinctive, diverse and elegant styles that provides designer as well as customised footwear especially hand crafted for you.

Started by Mayuri Chamaria an FDDI graduate, after she realised the limited options available for comfortable yet traditional footwear in the country



Mubo Shoes was founded in 2017 with a simple idea in mind – to give the amazing women around us the comfort they deserve!

Classic, Elegant, Stylish, Chic, Simple – Mubo shoes is an embodiment of all things that personify the women of today!

The fact that all are products are animal friendly & created with utmost care and attention to detail guarantee that you will own a pair of shoes you couldn’t love more!


by Mitali Gandhi


MiGa – started by Mitali Gandhi, who is a chartered accountant by qualification but a shoe aficionado by passion. She studied shoe designing to gain the technical knowledge and understand shoes. Post that for a year she closely studied what it takes to keep feet healthy and happy, and after a year has come out with her own shoe label MiGa.

MiGa Footwear is created around the philosophy of celebrating personalized style and offering a tasteful luxury experience to the quintessential woman.

A footwear ​label​ that offers style, comfort and animal friendly footwear whether it is for work, red carpet, a special occasion or a casual outing.



GUSH shoes & accessories was founded as a brand for the discerning ladies and gentlemen of the new century. Well traveled, well read, well educated but still true to their roots. Who believe the true essence of design still exists and do not cave under mass pressure and stay strong to their values.

Started by Vrinda, a National Institute of Fashion Technology graduate with Manav, a Business Studies graduate & a lawyer! Two friends, each with a very distinct style but common passion ~ to create beautiful, timeless pieces to express their love and passion for design.

In this age of mass production and fast collections, GUSH humbly bows down to the age-old Indian pride of ‘karigari’. Raw materials are carefully selected to create design that is environmentally aware and cruelty free. Each product is modern in design sensibility but handcrafted meticulously using traditional craftsmanship techniques to ensure the finest quality.



SUUTARI is a 21st century Luxury brand based in Mumbai, India. With customization at its heart, the brand offers handcrafted footwear for men and women.

Launched in 2016 by Falak Bhatt, SUUTARI’s vision is to make its luxury handcrafted footwear a part of your wardrobe. Every shoe is handcrafted with excellence to attain the highest quality of precision in craftsmanship and provides customers the luxurious experience of having the product personalised for them.

By wearing a SUUTARI product, you are not only contributing towards the empowerment of the artisans and craftsmen involved in the process of handcrafting your pair of shoes, but also carrying forward the legacy of this fine skill that has been passed down generations after generations.


by Nidhi Sheth


Leonish by Nidhi Sheth is a designer label based out of Mumbai. She specializes in custom sizing and loves to curate her collection around various shoe types.

GeGe India


Started by Gunjan Ladha, GeGe India is a Mumbai based footwear designer brand. You will notice a very beautiful balance maintained between comfort and style in all their designs, giving a very comfy chic vibe.

Anjali Jani


Anjali Jani is a Mumbai based fashion designer, whose collections stand for classic style, with an Indian touch. Her creations are made for the style conscious woman, who wants her personality to reflect on her sartorial choices.

Anjali Jani’s outfits are a fusion of Indian traditional styles with great craftsmanship and creativity. Her celebrated brand includes pret, couture women’s wear, and also accessories to match.

To complete your unique bridal look, Anjali Jani also stocks the perfect looking accessories to match your outfit!

Fab Bella


Fab Bella is a footwear line, created to bring the best of high fashion to you, without breaking your bank.

Every piece created under the label of Fab Bella is unique and is created with all our heart to give our customers nothing but the best.
Owner and Designer Roma Modi Advani has been an avid traveler all her life and has cumulated her own brand with all the styles and fashion aesthetics she has explored throughout the globe.

Fab Bella is a footwear line that is a concoction of various different forms of global fashion and vogue.

Footwear is a very key and crucial part of your appearance, and we at Fab Bella are dedicated to always keep your shoe game on point.



Founded by Sonal Kothari with a passion for colors and footwear design, all women footwear from the label are designed for comfort and crafted to utmost perfection.

Yellowsoles is clearly a product of what one’s passion can lead them to. An Engineer by education and a marketing executive by profession, Sonal has left no stone (in this case sole) unturned to see her dream become reality. Her goal is to leave a mark with this brand on the global shoe platform.

What’s more! Enjoy the unique designs in a range of bold and different colors that you will not find anywhere else.

Shop you customized product from the best designers !